The Eisenbrauns Valentine’s Day Contest

Stumbling upon this from James McGrath’s “Exploring Our Matrix”, I nearly keeled over!

Apparently every year since 2008 Eisenbrauns, a publisher of great notoriety in Middle Eastern Studies, has held a contest where contestants compose valentines an ancient near-eastern languages, the winners receiving gift certificates for their books.

If I had only known about this earlier, I would have submitted one of my Syriac Heart pendants. 🙂

To read more, and see this year’s winners check out: .

Next year we shall see!


3 thoughts on “The Eisenbrauns Valentine’s Day Contest

  1. Blessings, Steve! I wanted to thank you for dropping by with your enlightening comments re: The Lord’s Prayer. I did read the article you sent the link for and found it immensely informative. I agree fully that there are a number of versions of this contained under the unmbrella of a Kaddish and used for a variety of purposes but I am certainly no scholar in this regard. If you’ll note, I added a question mark in the title but, after receiving your kind comments, will make make some revisions and incluide a link to your article. My intent was largely to get people to think outside of the box instead of blindly following doctrine and accepting the “truths” of religion at face value. In this, I have considerable experience…lol. The version that I posted resonates VERY strongly with me and with many others who use it daily. Once again, thank you for your kind and informative comments. I have added you to my blogroll but if you would prefer that I remove the link to your blog, please let me know. Blessings, Nick

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