2 thoughts on “Mark Chapter 1 Complete

  1. Great to see this website up and running. Concerning the translations of the Gospels, I think that it would be very nice to have the sentences spelled out in the Aramaic characters (in addition to the current transliterations), for those who are better at comprehending Hebrew or Aramaic visually. I know that this would require more time, and that there are many spelling variations, but I think it would be much more enjoyable. Thanks for all your great work! I might consider volunteering my voice in the future when that project gets up and running.

    1. Posting the actual Aramaic characters is currently slated for the print edition as they’re going to be typeset in a contemporary hand-written-style script. There’s currently no elegant way to do that on a WordPress-based system (it tends to upset the formatting), though I might consider using some standard Hebrew Unicode in the future so that one can get a “feel” for the orthography.

      And lending your voice is certainly appreciated! 🙂 I’ll have an announcement up when it comes to that stage.

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