Conversational Galilean (GAL101)

Conversational-Galilean-GAL101The next step in the Conversational Galilean course is getting ready to begin.

We’re currently the finishing touches on the first new Conversational Galilean (GAL101) lesson. This series will eventually replace Everyday Aramaic (Galilean) GAL010 over on DARIUS and as we prepare to move all of our courses over to exclusively.

From that point on, all DARIUS courses will be available for Supporters.

Now, the new Conversational Galilean (GAL101) course is truly unlike anything out there. Each lesson consists of a story with score and sound effects which is narrated in English, and has a few lines of dialog in Galilean Aramaic. After the story, each Galilean line is broken down, piece by piece, similar to the so-called “Pilmsleur” method, only with visual elements to teach both how syllables are formed, and how they are written. At the end, any odds and ends (such as gender differences, or extra vocabulary) are then addressed. Each lesson takes about 15-20 minutes to absorb.

More information will be released over the next few weeks, so keep an eye on this space!


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