An Update

A Lemon Orchard in Galilee
A lemon orchard in Galilee.

As you can probably see, it has been a while since I’ve updated the website and I feel that everyone who subscribes here needs an update. In short, lots and lots of stuff is happening. This is predominantly a matter of how things are going with Aramaic Designs and with my family.

With how — as a vocation — Aramaic translations aren’t nearly as strong or steady as they used to be, my wife, my sister and myself are embarking upon a new business venture, so that has been eating up a heck of a lot of my time. (Aramaic Designs will still continue on exactly as it is, so don’t panic! 🙂 ) Like Aramaic Designs, this new business is springing off from some of my hobbies so it should be fun and bring us back to where we need to be to live comfortably. Only time will tell. (And more info will be forthcoming.)

Now, what does this mean for Well it’s another time where I find I need to pick things back up again, figure out where I want to go with this, and then take steps in that direction. I do not want to depreciate Not in a heartbeat. I have been studying the Aramaic language family for nearly the majority of my years on earth, and it is something that is deeply meaningful to me on a personal level.

I really do wish to focus more on the Aramaic classes that I’ve been wanting to offer for so long, but with how the Conversational Galilean class is going, I find myself in the position of not being able to invest the time to record and edit the full-length lessons, which take weeks to produce, edit, and code with my full attention. As it stands I have all of the recording done for the first week of classes, two of them are edited into full-length lessons, but only one of them has the visual part coded (which is the most labor-intensive part of the setup). As such, I’m going to have to re-imagine the classes so that they are able to teach the same material to Subscribers, but will be much easier and quicker to produce.

The new game plan is to bring the Conversational Galilean course back to the original blog format that the Everyday Aramaic course had over on DARIUS, but instead of forcing myself to update it every day, keep it to a few times a week with plenty of free content, as well as content that is just for Subscribers.

More information will be forthcoming as I figure out how to work this into my schedule (and hopefully have designated days you can look forward to for new stuff to enjoy).


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