Good Shepherd

Possessive & Objective Pronouns

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Before you hit the back button and navigate away, please take a moment to see what this website is all about.

Overall, we are actively working towards a rather ambitious goal:

We aim to spread knowledge and understanding about early Galilean Aramaic -- Jesus' own language, nearly lost to obscurity -- in the context of the New Testament.

And to do so, we are working on a number of different projects:

  1. The Aramaic Words translation. An unusual translation of the Four Gospels where whenever someone speaks, their words are presented in their original language in a way that anyone can intone. It will be full of footnotes explaining the puns and wordplay lost in modern translations, as well as insight into the culture and context of Biblical times.
  2. Classes in Galilean Aramaic, taught conversationally. In truth, the only way to keep a language alive is by speaking it with other people. These classes will be online as well as in-person.
  3. Galilean Aramaic learning resources. We are compiling traditional dictionaries and grammars alongside workbooks for children and flash cards. Developing resources for all ages and experience levels is key to making this successful.

All of this (and more) is possible through the efforts of our translation team. What's more is that this project is viable as a full-time endeavor if we have as few as 500 Supporters: people just like you who share our goals and want to take part.

So please, consider helping out and join the cause to bring Jesus' language back.

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