The Three Little Pigs

Three Little Pigs Cover
I had mentioned this a while back, but now’s time for a progress report. 🙂

The Three Little Pigs in Galilean Aramaic (Talte Ḥaziraya Zəˁoraya) will be available on Aramaic Designs and all major booksellers’ websites in paperback soon. I haven’t decided whether or not I’m going to release it as an e-book yet as Aramaic text is always a tricky thing for mobi and epub formats. I may release it as a PDF e-book, and an iBooks edition, though as it will preserve all the formatting.

However, in all editions there are:

  • Beautiful illustrations by L. Leslie Brooke.
  • Trilinear text:
    • Galilean Aramaic with Palestinian Vocalization Markings.
    • A transliteration of the text for easy pronunciation.
    • The English translation.
  • A lexicon at the back of the book that lists all words and word-forms used.
  • Two brief appendices that expound upon the transliteration and vocalization system.

As a fun perk Supporters will also have a discount code for ordering it through Aramaic Designs.

More information as it comes available. 🙂



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