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News on Aramaic Classes

UPDATE: The first class is now up and registration is open! For more information go here: http://aramaicdesigns.rogueleaf.com/aramaic-classes

To much disappointment, we weren’t able to get the Aramaic classes off the ground yet; however, this was by no means due to lack of interest. I’ve been getting email after email, asking about more information and when we’ll be starting things up, so I believe that now I owe everyone an explaination. 🙂

I was supposed to teach the online course for Aramaic Designs on Classical Syriac, but this semester I was asked if I could help out a former professor of mine at Rutgers University to teach a class on Object Oriented Programming. Between that, my own classes, translating, and developing a couple websites I’ve been swamped, and as a result the Syriac class was put on the back burner.

Although the curriculum is about 75% complete for the Classical Syriac and Intro to Aramaic courses, I need to find the time to finish them, review them, and upload all of it to our Moodle server. Once that’s complete, I’ll be able to clear my schedule and begin enrollment. 🙂

For those who are interested, we have an email list you can subscribe to that will broadcast the latest details on the Aramaic Classes.


There will be no advertising on this list, and we’ll be using it to gauge interest in which dialects to tackle first, so be sure to sign up. 🙂


Learn Aramaic – Aramaic Designs to Offer Online Courses

UPDATE!: The class is now of the ground! More information can be found here: http://aramaicdesigns.rogueleaf.com/aramaic-classes

Some time in January, Aramaic Designs will begin offering online courses in several Aramaic dialects using the Moodle framework. The first of these will be Classical Syriac Aramaic, the language of the Peshitta and Syriac Christianity. The following classes are also planned:

  • An Introduction to Aramaic and Its Dialects (ARC101)
  • Classical Syriac (SYR101)
  • The Peshitta (SYR201)
  • Classical Mandaic (MAN101)
  • Biblical Aramaic (BAR101)
  • Palestinian Jewish Aramaic (PJA101)
  • Imperial Aramaic (IMP101)
  • Samaritan Aramaic (SAM101)

Each individual course will be over 20 weeks long and include full audio lectures, written assignments, multimedia, comprehension tests, and live help. There will be no required textbooks as all necessary materials will be available through the courseware, although additional recommended readings will be listed.

For further information and for special Christmas gift pricing, email in to Information@AramaicDesigns.com.