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Aramaic Inscription Found in Kursi (Near the Sea of Galilee)

The ancient slab found near the Sea of Galilee on Wednesday | Photo credit: Jennifer Munro
The ancient slab found near the Sea of Galilee on Wednesday | Photo credit: Jennifer Munro

A 1,500-year-old marble slab found on the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee Wednesday provides the first real proof of ancient Jewish settlement in the area, archaeologists say. The large slab, which bears an Aramaic inscription in Hebrew script, was dug up on the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee on Wednesday as part of an ongoing excavation in the ancient town of Kursi.

Experts say the slab probably dates to around 500 C.E., when the Hebrew alphabet was used by Jews and some local Christian communities. This suggest that Kursi was either a Jewish community or a mixed Christian-Jewish settlement. Researchers could only discern two words: “Amen” and “Marmaria,” the latter possibly referring to Jesus’ mother, Mary.

Take the sensational claims with a grain of salt.聽There needs to be a much more thorough聽study of this inscription before jumping to conclusions.聽The rest of the article can be found here:


Update: From what I can see, it truly is in Galilean Aramaic. The orthography is what I’d expect to see (the plene spelling in words like 住讬讬注 [“helps”] and use of 讛 for final聽a vowels like what looks like 讗转专讛 [“the synagogue” or “the place”] and 讬拽专讛 讚聽[“the honor of”]). Unfortunately, it’s so cracked and crumbling it’s hard to make out full sentences. I’m聽really looking forward to seeing some better pictures. 馃檪


讚注讜讜转讬 讘住讜专讬住讟讜谉

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聽 聽讗谞讛 讬讻讬诇 诪讻址转旨讬砖聽注诐 诪讬诇讬谉 讞讚转谉 讜讗砖讻讞 诇讗讜专讞讬谉 讞讚转讬谉 诪讬诪讜专 讻谉 讜讻谉 讜诪讬讻转讜讘 讻谉 讜讻谉 讛讻讛聽注诇 讗讬谞讟专谞讬状讟 讘诇讬砖谉 诪讬转

讝诪谞讬谉 住讙讬谉 讻转讘讬转 讻诇讜诐 讛讻讛 讜诇讗 砖诇讞讬转聽诇讬讛 讘讙讬谉 讚讗谞讛 讗诪专讬转 诇讙专诪讬 讚讚谉聽诇讗 讟讘 讛讜讗 讜讗谞讛 砖专讬 诪讬讚讻诇 讗讜 砖专讬 诪讬爪祝 诇讬讛

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砖诇诐 诇讻讜谉

Lesson on Aramaic Numbers Up!

counting 1-100

The bulk of the next lesson on counting is up! Click here to view it.

Presently the lesson is complete for numbers between 1 and 100, and — where the slides are up — I’m putting the final edits on the audio for how numbers up to and beyond 10,000 work as well as the final part which goes over Aramaic numerical notation for both numerals ( = 1,234) and gematria ( = 1,234).


New Lessons Preview

002 - This is Jacob

For those of you interested in what the new lessons will look like, here’s the page of the first one as it’s going up. If all goes well it should be ready to go with audio by tonight or Sunday.


The format is similar to a “turn the page” storybook where the student starts an audio recording and then turns the page when prompted, interacting with the lesson as it progresses.