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The Gospels we plan to use in this project are the four Canonical Gospels:

Why are Mark and Matthew in opposite order? We’ve decided to put them in the order that they are believed to be written.

Once these four are taken care of, we also may go on to include:

  • The Acts of the Apostles
  • The Sayings Gospel of Thomas

To learn more, read up on the About page.

Wherever Jesus or his followers are speaking, a simple transliteration of their words in a reconstruction of their original language so that the reader may intone those very words for themselves will be provided.

If you choose to Support the Project, you can view and participate in the following additional content for the translation:

  1. The actual written-out Aramaic, Hebrew, or Greek text in a script contemporary to the speaker.
  2. Audio recordings of key verses. (Coming soon.)
  3. Extended footnotes and translation notes.

The free version, although it will be vast, is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Furthermore we have some Supporter goals:

  • If we reach 100 Supporters, we will release the additional footnotes and documentation to the public.
  • If we reach 250 Supporters, we will release all audio recordings to the public.
  • If we reach 500 Supporters, we will release all of the actual written-out text to the public.

To reach these goals, please be sure to share this page on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus to tell your friends and spread the word. We can do this!

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4 thoughts on “The Gospels

  1. Dear Steve,

    Why am I not able to access the full Lord’s Prayer written in Galilean? Am I just missing something, or do I have to pay to see it? And why exactly would you include a non-canonical gospel (that of Thomas) in your projects if its originality is questionable and it may for said reason contain heresies? (I’ve never read Thomas myself, I should admit.) And why is Hostess going out of business?! Oh wait, that isn’t your thing. Sorry.


    1. Vendetta,

      Currently, where the transliteration and the article with notes are available to everyone here, the written-out Prayer (in contemporary handwriting) is only available to Supporters. If we get enough Supporters, however, it’ll go public for everyone.

      We’ve chosen to include Thomas for three reasons: First, no one has tried to look at any possible Aramaic underpinnings of Thomas before. Second, there are a very large number of parallels it has with the Cannonical Gospels, many of which already seem to date back to Aramaic sources (be they written, oral, etc.) from what we can see in the Cannonical Gospels, themselves. Third, if we can find any sayings in Thomas outside of those parallels which exhibit similar evidence that they date back to Aramaic sources then we will have discovered those sayings may be earlier than were once thought (not necessarily orthodox, but earlier). Thomas, however, is low on the priority list. 🙂

      As for Hostess… well I’m at a loss. I thought Twinkies were the closest things to immortal that were made by human hands. Apparently I was wrong. 🙂


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