3 thoughts on “The Gospel of John

  1. I have a question that will seem nonsensical, but it is very important to me. I understand that in syriac aramaic “I am” is ana na or ena na. Understanding that it is not grammatically correct, how would you say “I is” in syriac aramaic?

    1. Aye in Syriac “I am” is ena ‘na. Funny enough, “I is” or ena ‘u would be grammatically correct, but it takes on the meaning of “It’s me.” Both ena ‘na and ena ‘u are used in similar circumstances colloquially.

  2. Are you saying that, colloquially, ena ‘na and ena ‘u could be used interchangeably in conversational syriac aramaic speech to convey the same meaning — even though technically one is saying “I am” and the other is saying “I is?” If so, I assume the same would be true for “ena ‘na ena” and “ena ‘u ena?” Is that correct? Finally, you indicate that “ena ‘u” literally means “It’s me.” What would be the literal meaning of “ena ‘u ena,” if any thing? I know this must seem strange and esoteric, but I very much appreciate your help. It is very beneficial to an issue of great importance to me. Thanks.

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