Delma d’Kefa Arnva

We are now uploading the online storybook! Check out below:

Peter Rabbit Cover -updated

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A Sneak Peek of Version 1:

  • The Online Storybook will have all of the original illustrations from the 1902 publication of “The Tale of Peter Rabbit.”
  • The audio and text of the Galilean and the English adaptations will be side-by-side.
  • Full Galilean vocabulary glossary is included.
  • You can choose to read the text in Herodian script, contemporary to Jesus, or in the standard modern Hebrew Alphabet.
  • Version 2 will have sentence and clause highlighting that is in synch with the audio so you can visually keep up with what is being spoken.
  • It will be available to all site Supporters.
  • Printed copy pre-orders starting soon. E-reader and audiobook formats soon thereafter!

Hold on tight and refresh this page every hour or so to see the progress.
Linking everything together takes a bit of time.

Table of Contents:

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