Jesus Spoke Aramaic…

...and yet our Bible was compiled in Greek. What happened in between? The Aramaic New Testament is dedicated to bridging that gap as well as following Aramaic in the world at large.


The Canadian Centre for Epigraphic Documents

More than a decade ago, Amir Harrak spent three sweltering summers in his native Iraq, photographing inscriptions written in the Classical Syriac language. The University of Toronto researcher had set out to document the centuries-old engravings, knowing many would eventually be lost. [...] “If we have an inscription dating to, let’s say the second century, that – as the saying… Read more →


Professor Shabo Talay Lands Grant to Preserve Turoyo Neo-Aramaic Online

In the modern world, the Aramaic languages are threatened by extinction. But with funding from the EU’s Erasmus programme the project Aramaic Online will provide future generations with an option of online training in Turoyo. The world is full of languages such as Turoyo. Some of which will be gone only a few years from now, whereas other will hang… Read more →