Jesus Spoke Aramaic…

...and yet our Bible was compiled in Greek. What happened in between? Read on to learn more about Jesus' mother tongue in the context of early Christianity and how it is still relevant today.


Sebastian Brock Interviewed on Marginalia

Sebastian Brock, one of the foremost Syriacists (he’s a bit of a living academic legend — or that could be me as an Aramaicist geeking out — or both) was interviewed over on Marginalia. Be sure to check it out. Related pages: Syriac Scholar Sebastian P. Brock Honored My Work Here is Done – Aaron Adair on Ancient Aliens… Read more →

Conversational Galilean 3

Conversational Galilean Study Groups

I’ve been trying to get an in-person class off the ground for some time, and I believe that now is when I need to see about getting critical mass to do so. Be sure to check out the Study Groups page over here. Peace, -Steve Related pages: New Conversational Galilean Videos Start in December Conversational Galilean Class Conversational Galilean (GAL101) Sound Sample… Read more →


Brace Yourselves: ‘Abba’ Does NOT Mean ‘Daddy’

So, repeat after me, “‘Abba’ does NOT mean ‘daddy.’” One more time: “‘Abba’ does NOT mean ‘daddy.’” Are we understood? Good. Yet another year goes by and yet another year this persistent bit of fiction needs to be rebuffed. It is the bane of Aramaicists worldwide: The idea that “Abba” — in Jesus’ native language of Aramaic – is baby-speak, child… Read more →