Jesus Spoke Aramaic…

...and yet our Bible was compiled in Greek. What happened in between? The Aramaic New Testament is dedicated to bridging that gap as well as following Aramaic in the world at large.


Professor Shabo Talay Lands Grant to Preserve Turoyo Neo-Aramaic Online

In the modern world, the Aramaic languages are threatened by extinction. But with funding from the EU’s Erasmus programme the project Aramaic Online will provide future generations with an option of online training in Turoyo. The world is full of languages such as Turoyo. Some of which will be gone only a few years from now, whereas other will hang… Read more →

Three Little Pigs Cover

The Three Little Pigs

I had mentioned this a while back, but now’s time for a progress report. The Three Little Pigs in Galilean Aramaic (Talte Ḥaziraya Zəˁoraya) will be available on Aramaic Designs and all major booksellers’ websites in paperback soon. I haven’t decided whether or not I’m going to release it as an e-book yet as Aramaic text is always a tricky thing for mobi… Read more →

Syriac MSS

Scholars begin using Vatican Syriac manuscripts online

As recently reported, CPART’s Kristian Heal and colleagues have started the work of producing new catalog descriptions for eighty Syriac manuscripts from the collection of the Vatican Apostolic Library. As part of this project, the Vatican Library has just made new digital images of these manuscripts available online in June. These online facsimiles still lack their full metadata and descriptions,… Read more →