Galilean Aramaic (GAL101) [BETA]


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This 10-week course is a basic introduction to Galilean Aramaic, a member of the Western Aramaic family, best known as the language of Jesus of Nazareth and the Jerusalem Talmud.

This is the BETA version.

Please submit feedback directly in the comments.

As you use this course, things may change. Tests and quizzes may randomly reset or disappear and be replaced with other materials. Your feedback will be directly taken into account for those changes, so be sure to articulately express what you like as well as what you think could be better.

Once this course leaves Beta Testing: All students’ progress and grades will be reset, and the tests and quizzes re-written. Students can then choose to re-enroll in the course, and at that point completion will count as credit towards the Galilean Aramaic Online Certificate.

  • Introduction & Housekeeping 

    This section goes over the background of the language, and basics such as the alphabet and vowel system.

    • What This Course Is (And What It Isn’t)
    • An Introduction to Galilean Aramaic
    • The Alphabet
    • Herodian Script
    • Modern Hebrew Script
    • The Alphabet Quiz
    • The Beḡaḏkefaṯ
    • Palestinian Vocalization
    • Vocalization Quiz
  • Pronouns & Nouns 

    We'll learn how to construct simple sentences in Galilean, and learn some useful phrases.

    • Nominal Pronouns
    • Pronoun Quiz
    • Man, Woman, Boy, Girl
    • Man, Woman, Boy, Girl Quiz
    • Copulas (I am…, You are…, etc.)
    • Copula Quiz
    • Plurals
    • Plurals Quiz
    • How to say “The …” (The Definite State)
    • Definite State Quiz
    • The Construct State & Compound Words
    • Construct State Quiz
  • Verbs & Objects 

    We'll learn how verbs work in the Present Tense.

    • Reading & Writing (Present Tense Verbs)
    • Objective Pronouns (Me, You, Him, etc…)
    • Expressing “To Have” & Posession
  • Basic Phrases 

    We'll learn some basic, everyday phrases.

    • Hello, Goodbye
    • What’s Your Name?
    • Where Are You From?
    • Please, and Thank You
    • No and Negation
    • Basic Phrases Checkpoint Quiz 1
  • Numbers 

    We'll learn how to count from 1 to 1,000 - and from there to as high as we need to.

    • Numbers 1-10
    • Numbers 10-100
    • How Old Are You?
    • Numbers 100-1,000
    • Numbers 1,000-10,000 and Beyond
  • Food 

    We'll learn the words for different foods and what one finds in a kitchen.

    • We Ate, We Drank (Past Tense Verbs)
    • Basic Foods
    • Cooking
  • Animals 

    We'll learn the names of common pets and other animals.

    • Common Pets
    • Domestic Animals
    • Bugs & Insects
    • Zoo Animals
    • We Will Go To The Zoo To See… (Future and Infinitive Tense Verbs)
  • The Final Unit Tests & Exam 

    Now you'll be tested on what you've learned. Good luck!

    • Pronouns, Nouns, Verbs & Objects
    • Basic Phrases & Food
    • Animals & Numbers
    • The Final Exam

The class is full so enrollment is closed. Please contact the site admin.

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