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Usually Yearly Supporter Memberships go for $50 each; however, from now until the end of December, is offering gift certificates for Yearly Supporter Memberships at the price of two-for-one, so you can experience it together with a loved one this holiday season.

Each certificate includes the recipient’s name in Aramaic, and grants access to the Supporter content and sections of the site. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • The Aramaic text of the Aramaic Words Translation.
  • All of the Lord’s Prayer multimedia, including audio recordings, full handwritten text, and poster-sized images.
  • All classes and extended portions of the free classes.
  • Access to a library of Aramaic learning resources.
  • Weekly updates on Aramaic and other cultural insights into New Testament times.
  • Much more as we continue to expand the site.

Each certificate is printed on thick paper, and instructions on how to redeem them are on the opposite side of the card. You may also request them to be sent to separate addresses with a message of your choice (simply contact us after you make your purchase).

If you have any questions, please email in to

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