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Shakespeare in Galilean… Yes it happened…


So in the wake of seeing Shakespeare’s work in its original pronunciation as a metaphor for reading Jesus’ words in Aramaic,  after reading to my kids tonight, we somehow ad-libbed the following in Galilean — which I found amusing:

או למהווי או לא למהווי דן הוא אתמהה

Almost as good as in the original Klingon. 🙂

Comment below if you can figure it out.


Shakespeare in Early Modern English vs. Jesus in Galilean Aramaic?

No, this isn’t some epic battle or what not, but more a brilliant metaphor for what can be seen when one looks at the New Testament through Aramaic eyes.

When one recites Shakespeare in its original accent, there are puns and wordplay that leap off the page that are simply not there in modern language. In the same manner, when one looks at the words of Jesus and his early followers in Aramaic, one sees things that they cannot even fathom in Greek or English.

Note to self: If I’m ever in London, I need to check out one of the Globe performances in OP. 🙂