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“an ancient Assyrian ? Aramaic language” — How To Find Fake Twitter Accounts

So, one of my Twitter feeds pulls in every time “Aramaic” “Syriac” or “Peshitta” is mentioned, and very often I get the same phrase coming back at me time and time again:

“an ancient Assyrian ? Aramaic language”

Again… and again… and again… Not re-tweeted. Simply verbatim. It’s maddening.

What do all of these verbatim posts have in common?

They all come from shill Twitter accounts. They are bots spouting rounds of nonsense from the same book of quotes. Each of those accounts has 0 followers and most of the tweets are the same (albeit in different order). Perhaps they are to later used for nefarious purposes? I do not know. All that I do know is that there are a lot of them and that, they just junk up my feeds.

What gives? Leave Aramaic alone, Twitter bots!


Stephen Colbert’s Aramaic Antics on Twitter

Interesting tweet came in over Twitter today.

From StephenAtHome (i.e Stephen Colbert):

Sometimes I wonder, “what would Jesus tweet?” But you can’t say much with 140 characters of Aramaic

It’s been re-tweeted hundreds of times, clogging my normal searches for Aramaic. ๐Ÿ™‚

My reply?

@StephenAtHome — Re:140 characters of Aramaic -> ืžื ืฆื‘ื™ ืืช ืžื™ืžืจ — “ma รงabey at memar?” — “What do you want to say?”


Family-Friendly Jesus is Unavailable…

I came across an interesting tweet on Twitter today, culled from my large Aramaic-seeking nets that wasn’t completely a match for the Aramaic Blog’s regular musings. However it was too long to retweet, so I’ve decided to post it here instead for everyone’s enjoyment:

From messianicisrael on Fri 19 Feb 10:47 AM EST via Facebook:

For those looking for a family friendly, Yeshua… { “errorCode”: 503, “errorMessage”: “Service unavailable.”, “statusCode”: “ERROR” }

It seems that when technologies don’t mesh quite right…

We now return you to your regular Aramaic blogging. ๐Ÿ™‚