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DARIUS Project Updates – Learn Aramaic on Your iPhone or iPad

Some quick updates on the DARIUS Project:

1) It will be iPhone and iPad compatible. 🙂

2) The matching module will support multiple scripts per unit (for example, learn Classical Syriac in Estrangela without vowels, or Madnhaya or Serto with their appropriate vowel systems).

3) There will be games, both single player and multi-player (but more on that when there’s a demo to play with). 🙂


Sneak peek at DARIUS progress

The foundations of DARIUS are coming along nicely. Here’s a screenshot of the vocabulary builder running some dummy data:

It runs in any standards-compliant web browser and can mix and match focus and response types (for example, where the above is picture & sound -> written word, you can view the lesson in any combination).

Still lots to do, and this is only one feature. There is an entire array of social networking hooks that are going to be integrated, a large digital library of learning resources with an OCR wiki so that readers can add in notes and help make the texts more searchable, as well as a distributed hints system so that users viewing the same document can chat about it as they leaf through.

Stay tuned. 🙂


Announcing: DARIUS


Where learning a new language is tough, learning rare, obscure or ancient languages that are no longer spoken is exceedingly difficult.

DARIUS: The Digital Aramaic Research Initiative for Students is an upcoming Internet-based tool that uses modern living-language techniques adapted for individuals who wish to learn various Aramaic dialects.

More information forthcoming. 🙂 I’m really excited about this.


Aramaic Class Preregistrations Open

Preregistration for the following classes over at Aramaic Designs has opened:

ARC010: The Aramaic Lord’s Prayer

This is a specialty 8-week course that was put together at Aramaic Designs for anyone who is interested in learning more about the Lord’s Prayer in Jesus’ mother tongue, Aramaic.

Duration: 8+ weeks.
Price: $50

[preregister here]

SYR101: Classical Syriac

This course will serve as a basic introduction to Classical Syriac Aramaic, a major literary dialect that was prominent between the 2nd and 8th centuries CE, most notably as the vehicle for Syrian Christianity, that stretched as far as China and India. Upon completion, the student will have a firm grasp of Syriac grammar and a sizeable vocabulary.

Duration: 15+ weeks.
Price: $100

[preregister here]

Both of these courses are set to open before the end of July. They are 100% online so you can enroll at any time and work through them at your own pace.

Preregistrants will have access to the material for an extended period of time and the ability to put in requests for additional material before the class open officially.