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Two Month Hiatus… Wow…

It has been quite a while since I’ve posted on here, mainly because between the crazy economy, Presidential transition, filling translation orders, classes at the University, and work on the Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon Project, I have been swamped.

I’ve never considered myself an archeologist in any sort of literal sense, but now sorting through 20 year old code and piecing together old systems alongside silver casting phrases in Old Aramaic, I’m feeling this weird sense of irony.

Hopefully I’ll have some neat stuff up on here soon relating to the following:

  • Significantly cheaper and more focused online Aramaic Classes.
  • An Aramaic Class on the Lord’s Prayer and a select few of Jesus’ other sayings.
  • New Aramaic jewelry.
  • New tattoo stencils based off of Liz’s artwork and some new art of my own.

And lastly, anything else you can think of. Simply leave a comment on this thread with your ideas.


Lord’s Prayer Tattoo Stencil Released!

Aramaic Designs is now all set with the new Lord’s Prayer Spiral Tattoo Kits! Based off of the tattoo that pop-star Ricky Martin has on his shoulder and arm, these kits have the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic radiating from a Syriac “Yah” (a symbol for God’s name) in the center, only in the correct form and order (Ricky Martin’s actual tattoo was unfortunately typeset in the wrong direction).

Aramaic Designs also now offers a pure silver pendant of the same Syriac “Yah” symbol available from the Aramaic Jewelry section of the website. It’s so satisfying to make one of these guys because in the end it really looks and feels like an ancient coin from antiquity. Did I mention that I love working with silver like this? 🙂

I’ve worked in a variety of mediums over the years, but I’ve always gravitated towards two things: 1) Sculpture, be it in clay, stone, or metal; and 2) Calligraphy. When I get to make tattoo stencils and silver jewelry I really feel that I’m working with both mediums together (more of a metaphor, of course, with tattoo art as it is 2-dimensional calligraphy in [excuse the pun] living 3d).

I’m also looking for new ideas for both stock tattoo art as well as silver jewelry, so if anyone has anything they wish to suggest, don’t hesitate to send it into Information@AramaicDesigns.com .