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Two Month Hiatus… Wow…

It has been quite a while since I’ve posted on here, mainly because between the crazy economy, Presidential transition, filling translation orders, classes at the University, and work on the Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon Project, I have been swamped.

I’ve never considered myself an archeologist in any sort of literal sense, but now sorting through 20 year old code and piecing together old systems alongside silver casting phrases in Old Aramaic, I’m feeling this weird sense of irony.

Hopefully I’ll have some neat stuff up on here soon relating to the following:

  • Significantly cheaper and more focused online Aramaic Classes.
  • An Aramaic Class on the Lord’s Prayer and a select few of Jesus’ other sayings.
  • New Aramaic jewelry.
  • New tattoo stencils based off of Liz’s artwork and some new art of my own.

And lastly, anything else you can think of. Simply leave a comment on this thread with your ideas.


New Aramaic T-Shirts at Aramaic Designs

Liz is Aramaic Designsโ€™ newest team member, and has already begun to craft things of beauty by drawing inspiration from the language. If you would like to commission her for a tattoo design or art piece, please email in to us here for a quote.

Her artists page at Aramaic Designs can be found here and the following t-shirt designs are now available immediately:

Pretty soon, these will also be available as tattoo stencils with both flash art and color-reference.


Lux Nova Project – Kudos to Sarah Hill

What can I say?

Imagine solar power cells. Then imagine stained glass. Then imagine the two combined.

If that is not a truly magnificent and inspiring enough concept, imagine the two combined with a smattering of ancient Aramaic betwixt the panes. This is what Sarah Hill’s Lux Nova wind tower at Regent College is all about:

It’s a photovoltaic stained glass waterfall with the Lord’s Prayer in Syriac Aramaic running down the inside.

It’s stunning, it’s gorgeous, and (most importantly) it’s correct! ๐Ÿ™‚

From Episcopal Life Online: http://www.episcopalchurch.org/81827_90541_ENG_HTM.htm